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In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how you can unlock
any huawei modem without paying any money such
as the DC unlocker option for unlock credits. Follow
the steps below to unlock your Huawei.
Steps To Unlocking All Stubborn Huawei Modems
Without Paying For Unlock Credits
1. Click Here to visit the website where you would
generate the unlock code.

2. When the page loads, click on the Google plus icon
to log in with your Google plus account (You must
have a functional G+ account to use this service). If
you are using the calculator First time it will ask you to

Accept Terms and Condition click on I Accept
and proceed.

3. Once you log in, type in your Modems IMEI
number and Model series in the appropriate form
boxes provided and click on Calculate.

4. The Unlock code would be generate but wont be
visible till you click on the +1 button to share the
page. Sharing the page on G+ using the button
reveals the Unlock code to unlock your huawei

5. The code generate would look like this
Model No. : E303s-1
IMEI : 834548010418202
NEW ALGO CODE : 88028383
OLD ALGO CODE : 35410271
FLASH CODE : 94602058

Copy the codes generated to notepad. The problem
you face is knowing the particular code you are to
unlock the modem with. But don’t worry, Click
Here and insert your modem’s IMEI number then
click on Submit IMEI’.
This would help you determine which of the codes
would unlock your modem.

If it loads a result as Please Proceed To Huawei
New Algorithm!’ then the NEW ALGO CODE
generated by the unlocker is your modem’s unlock
code, else if you get Please Proceed To Huawei Old
Algorithm!, then the OLD ALGO CODE generated is
what you need to unlock your Huawei modem.

6. Now insert an alien sim (SIM not supported on your
huawei modem) into the modem and plug to your
computer, you will receive a dialogue box pop up
asking for your modem’s unlock PIN, input the
NEW or OLD ALGO CODE generate as your case may
be and click on the UNLOCK button provided.
Hurray! You just unlocked your Huawei modem
without paying a dime. Please do not be stingy :) .

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Note: This Huawei Modem Unlocking Procedures works
for the following Huawei Modem

Models below
*.Huawei E171
*.Huawei E172
*.Huawei E173
*.Huawei E176
*.Huawei E177
*.Huawei E180
*.Huawei E181
*.Huawei E182
*.Huawei E166
*.Huawei E155
*.Huawei E156
*.Huawei E158
*.Huawei E160
*.Huawei E170
*.Huawei E161
*.Huawei E169
*.Huawei E188
*.Huawei E196
*.Huawei E216
*.Huawei E219
*.Huawei E220
*.Huawei E226
*.Huawei E22X
*.Huawei E230
*.Huawei E270
*.Huawei E271
*.Huawei E272
*.Huawei E303
*.Huawei E352
*.Huawei E353
*.Huawei E355
*.Huawei E357
*.Huawei E367
*.Huawei E368
*.Huawei E369
*.Huawei E372
*.Huawei E392
*.Huawei E397
*.Huawei E398
*.Huawei E612
*.Huawei E618
*.Huawei E620
*.Huawei E630
*.Huawei E660
*.Huawei E800
*.Huawei E870
*.Huawei E880
*.Huawei E968
*.Huawei E1550
*.Huawei E1551
*.Huawei E1552
*.Huawei E1553
*.Huawei E155X
*.Huawei E156C
*.Huawei E156G
*.Huawei E156X
*.Huawei E1609
*.Huawei E160E
*.Huawei E160G
*.Huawei E1612
*.Huawei E1615
*.Huawei E1616
*.Huawei E1630
*.Huawei E1632
*.Huawei E166G
*.Huawei E1690
*.Huawei E1692
*.Huawei E1820
*.Huawei E1823
*.Huawei E182E
*.Huawei E1831
*.Huawei E1800
*.Huawei E1803
*.Huawei E180G
*.Huawei E180S
*.Huawei E169G
*.Huawei E170G
*.Huawei E1780
*.Huawei E172G
*.Huawei E1762
*.Huawei E2010
*.Huawei S4011
*.Huawei E1731
*.Huawei E3131
*.Huawei E630+
*.Huawei E660A
*.Huawei K3517
*.Huawei K3520
*.Huawei K3710
*.Huawei EG162
*.Huawei EG602
*.Huawei EM770
*.Huawei EG602G
*.Huawei EG162G
*.Huawei UMG181
*.Huawei HiLink